Our Problem

That time of the month, a biological *sacred* flow shared by half the world’s population has its fair share of issues globally. Periods are still associated with many taboos, whether it’s a religious institute that considers women ‘impure’ while on their period, or the remnants of the patriarchal society that exploit the vulnerable. Menstrual care is a luxury that many don’t have access to, and fact is, we have a long way to go, with many layers to peel back. With the support of our global community, ekam is determined to contribute to the transformation of menstrual care accessibility and its associated taboos.

Our Contribution

We see our contribution in two parts. First, is to tackle the scarce accessibility to menstrual care supplies that many women face. For every piece purchased from ekam, we donate five pads made with organic cotton, to women in need via LUÜNA Naturals. Second, is to indulge in open conversation about the menstrual ~flow~ through our communications, encouraging a means of connection for our sisterhood at large.

(image courtesy of LUÜNA Naturals)

Our Giving Partner

We are proud to partner with LUÜNA Naturals a social impact period care company based in Asia. Led by a team of women, LUÜNA is committed to making periods better for our bodies, our planet, and menstruators in need. They are determined to ensure everybody has access to toxin and plastic-free period care, unrestrained by shame, taboos, and misconceptions. LUÜNA has worked with a trusted network of social initiatives across Asia, equipping hospitals and non-profit organizations with healthy period products and taboo free knowledge.

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